Mission Statement

To create a viable Saturday morning market in Old Town Sherwood where the community can gather to sell or buy fresh farm produce, plants, flowers, food and quality handcrafted items in an atmosphere of friendship and goodwill. 


Vendors are responsible for meeting all health requirements, documentation, certification, insurance and obtaining any permits and licenses applicable to their products or merchandise.  


Farm vendors must grow or produce 70% of their product.



Booth Fee:

We are requiring 1st and last week booth fee, $50, paid on the 1st market contracted week. If you cancel your scheduled last date, your last week fee will not be refunded.

After that Paid weekly $25.00

Pre-paid in Full (20 weeks) on or prior to 1st day of the market – May 6, 2023.   $450.00 You get 2 weeks free! (Does not include Cruisin’ Sherwood or Robin Hood Festival; the market is closed those days)

Please be advised that there will be a penalty for any “no-shows”. If you are unable to attend you must notify the Market Manager BY EMAIL, using SherwoodSaturdayMarket@gmail.comat least 24 hours in advance.  Failure to do so will result in a penalty of $25 for weekly paid vendors to be paid the next time you attend, along with your regular weekly fee. Payment of $50 will be due before set-up. Three or more indicated dates cancelled, you will be subject to being wait listed.


Booth Spaces

Booth space is 10’ x 10’. Tents, chairs, tables and extension cords not included.

Space assignments will be made by the Market Manager, taking into consideration market flow. Your cooperation is appreciated as the Market Manager has full discretion to move a vendor when necessary. To the benefit of our vendors the Sherwood Saturday Market accepts only two of a kind of craft vendors.

A vendor who will be arriving late for any reason, must notify the Market Manager no later than 6:15AM.


Vehicles & Unloading/Loading

Set up start time is 7:30am. Set up must be completed and vehicles moved to parking areas by 8:45AM, at which time no other vehicles will be allowed into the Market. PLEASE LEAVE PARKING SPACES ADJACENT TO THE MARKET FOR CUSTOMERS.

Dismantling of booths must not begin before closing of the Market at 1:00PM. 

Use of Space

  • No sales will be allowed prior to the starting bell at 9AM; no sales will be allowed after the ending bell at 1PM, though sales in progress may be completed.
  • All vendors must vacate Cannery Square no later than 2:00PM. 
  • Vendors should display a sign with their business name. “ A” frame signs placed outside a vendor’s booth will not be permitted.


  • *For the safety of all and for liability reasons, canopies must be secured by weights at all 4 corners. The Sherwood Saturday Market requires 10 lb. weights to cover each of the 4 canopy feet or hang from each of the 4 corners every Saturday you set up. (cinder blocks ARE NOT acceptable). Vendors with non-weighted tents will have the option of renting a set of weights for $20 on a first come first serve basis or will be asked to leave.
  • Space leasing or sharing will be permitted by each vendor submitting Vendor Agreement and Fee.
  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning up thoroughly after the Market closes. Vendors agree to conduct themselves in a courteous and positive manner. If not, a warning will be issued with the possibility of termination without refund.
  • Smoking or vaping is NOT permitted by Vendors; either within their own space or that of the Market Area.
  • Vendor family pets are not allowed.
  • Photography – vendors may be subject to being filmed or photographed for social media and marketing purposes. Not limited to FaceBook @ Sherwood Saturday Market.



All vendors must sign a Vendor Agreement.  All items the vendor intends to sell, including any consignment or resale items, must be listed on the Agreement.  Vendors will be asked to remove any items not listed and approved on their Agreement.

Should a vendor decide to add new items to their already accepted list of products, all additional products must be approved by the Market Manager.