They are here! The warm weather has been good for tomato's. Come on down to the market tomorrow and pick up some freshly picked produce, including tomato's for the perfect Summer salad! The weather is going to be just perfect this Saturday so don't miss out. See you bright and early!

Vendor of the Week: Steele Plants
Steele Plants has been at the market for many years now bringing their beautiful tomato plants and so much more. They are back this week with plants and some fresh produce all locally grown. Visit their booth right in the middle of the market.

Business of the Week: Mary Kay
I started my business with Mary Kay in March, just a few months ago, really.  I just had one facial, and I was so impressed with the products that I became an Independent Beauty Consultant.  My intention at that time was to make some extra cash so that I could put some money away for vacation, and replace the floors in my kitchen.   That was it.  But then I went to some meetings and held some skin care classes, and after just a few weeks, I was able to see that Mary Kay can be a very rewarding career.  I love Mary Kay.  The culture is so positive and upbeat, and really, what can be better than spending all of my working time enriching other women’s lives and sharing this fantastic opportunity (read: socializing over skin care)?   How many working professionals right now can really say they love what they do?  I can! 
I’ll have samples galore, so come on over and try the best products on the market.  I’ll also be doing a drawing for a Miracle Set, so you can put your name in and hope for the big money. 
Many thanks –Julie Harris

Vendor Specials:
The Palm Bakery: We will have our fresh breads along with sandwich rolls which are great for your burgers. Peanut butter Cup Brownies, Scones, Almond Cakes, Cinnamon Rolls, Cinnamon Bun Cake, and much more. Come see us for breakfast.

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