Vendor of the week

Oh My Ganache is our vendor of the week this week. Lisa and her husband Brian have been bringing their wonderful cupcakes to the Sherwood Saturday Market for several seasons now. Here is a little blurb on how their wonderful business got started from Lisa:

My sister, Linda, came to me one day with this crazy and wonderful idea of starting a cupcake business, and she asked if I wanted to be a part of it! I enthusiastically said "YES". So we brainstormed, came up with a few name ideas, and looked at a few places to open up shop, but nothing fit perfectly with the vision we had in our heads!

So, we put it off for a while, but continued to test and perfect recipes. I took cupcakes to friends, co-workers, and even my daily coffee shop Batista's! After we lost focus for awhile I decided to go ahead and see what I could do on my own, and so with my sisters blessing I started "OH, MY GANACHE!"

How'd I get the name you ask? Well, the name came from one of the people at the coffee shop I frequented. I regularly took in new recipes to them for testing. She took one bite of my Chocolate cupcake with Ganache frosting, and blurted out "OH, MY GANACHE" so that's where the name and signature cupcake came from.

If you haven't stopped by and tasted one of our delicious cupcakes you should! If you our one of our regular customers, Thanks! - Lisa

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