July 4 Sherwood Saturday Market

Hello everyone!

The Sherwood Saturday Market is open this Saturday, July 4th, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The live music this week is John Twist helping us celebrate the 4th with his fine tunes on his guitar.

Sweetie Pie

News & Specials for This Week:

~~Sweetie Pie - Is the team of Mandy McLeod (Sweets from the Heart) and Jennifer Statz (Pie Peddler). Together we share our love of food (desserts in particular) with everyone we come into contact with. Using pure ingredients--with nothing artificial added--we take pride in making small batches of superior quality products. We bring our pies, cakes, cookies and hot grilled sandwiches exclusively to the Sherwood Saturday Market. Stop by and see what seasonal goodies we’ve baked for you!
* We believe that eating dessert first is a valid option.
* We endeavor to infuse each customer’s day with humor & good cheer.
* We use locally-sourced, seasonal & organic ingredients whenever possible, for fresh takes on classic recipes.
* We think everyone should fill their pie hole with yummy treats.
Contact us for special orders. Whole pies and cakes available. We’d love to be your personal bakers. Email us at SweetiePiePdx@gmail.com. Call us at 503-358-3738 or 773-450-6366.

~~Tamale House - We have a new food vendor starting on July 4th! Featuring freshly made cheese, pork and chicken tamales. Also offering many other fine Mexican dishes. Please come and experience a little taste of Mexico.

~~Steele Plants - We will be selling Tomato Plants for only $1.00 on the Fourth of July.

~~Pure Pizazz - This week at the Market, Pure Pizazz will be bringing lovely necklaces and earrings from Peru. These feminine and unique pieces are one-of-a-kind and only available here once or twice a season. Don't miss it. Also this week, we will have some gorgeous gemstone and sterling pendants, as well as different styles and lengths of sterling chains. And just for the fun of it, look for some new summer necklaces, bracelets and earrings, full of color and fun.

~~Mike's Garden Art - Things to beautify your garden and bring whimsy to your flower beds. Bird plant stakes, insect plant stakes, whimsical hummingbird feeders, bird feeders and bird baths. Windchimes to beautify and bring sound to your garden. Swarovski crystal suncatchers and much, much more.

~~The Honey Pit - Raw local honey. Assortment of sizes. 6oz - 12oz - 24oz and 3lb. Also bee's wax.

News & Upcoming Events: Mark Your Calenders!

~~Suzanne Scalfaro - Suzanne will be our first Guest Chef. She is coming July 11 and will be demonstrating throughout the market day. From Suzanne: "Yes, my name is Suzanne Scalfaro, I am a local Chef, I have my own Personal Chef Business. I did my internship with Chef Joe McGarry, who has worked for the past 10 years building up relationships with local farms and this has translated to the Ronler Acres Intel Bon Appetit Services and Farm to Fork Programs out there. I currently work part time thru Aramark at the OES account creating international cuisine 2 nights a week for their boarding students. The easiest way to have great tasting food, it to have fresh products, I believe that is why the Farmers Markets thrive here in the Northwest."

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