Summer's coming!

Summer is just around the corner and you can certainly tell with all the gorgeous produce showing up at the market.   Come down and stock up on the fresh flavors of the season!

Vendor Specials:

Wooden Mallet Farm
will add a few spring specialties this week: Garlic Scapes, the unopened flower head of the garlic plant, as well as Cabbage Wrap Leaves from our favorite variety of cabbage, Caraflex. These leaves are a perfect alternative for tortillas. And be there early to get our sugar snap peas before they're gone!

Rustic Fetish is a great place to explore for gifts for all your 2016 graduates. It would be a unique gift for their dorm room. See you at the market!!


Sweet Oregon Berry 
is quickly approaching our fifth week of picking strawberries. We will be bringing strawberries, black cherries, asparagus, radish, spinach, cilantro, leaf lettuces, beets, collard greens, kale this Saturday May 21.
On the farm we are starting to see a few red raspberries and also ome blueberries, you'll think it's getting to summer!!


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