Hot Summer Weather and cool water fountains are in the plans for Saturday! Great food, Music, and Fresh Produce are all in abundance for tomorrow. See you bright and early!
Vendor Specials:
The Palm Bakery: We will have a new Artisan Bread tomorrow: Olive! We will also bring Turtle Brownies, Nectarine Bars, And Apple Cider Cakes just to name a few. Cranberry Orange Scones will also make a return. Only 3 markets left so come and get your fix!
Red Rooster Farm: Red Rooster farm would like to thank all the supporters of the Sherwood Saturday Market. For Doug and I , the market  has been an amazing experience.  This week we will continue to have our table grapes, winter squashes and tomatoes. Don't forget that we also have our farm fresh chicken and duck eggs and our pasture raised fryer chickens.

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