Another Fantastic market this week. Make sure you don't miss it. Several new vendors this week, and something for everyone to enjoy! See you Saturday! 

Vendor Of The Week: Corditas Mexican Food
We provide this service for people with an epicure knowledge of delicious healthy Mexican food; and for those people who care about what they eat and want to know what real Mexican food is, besides tacos, salsa, and burritos. We offer our gourmet cooking
with pride and refined knowledge of an original taste from the coastal Nayarit, Mexico. We strongly believe that eating healthy is the baseline to good living and a healthy life. We will have our homemade roasted salsas , tamales, and more.
Vendor specials:
Red Rooster Farm: Corn! Corn! Corn!  Red Rooster farm will be bringing fresh picked corn to the Saturday market.  We will also have our popular purple & green beans, our fabulous cucumbers, onions and summer squash.  As always, we will have farm fresh chicken and duck eggs as well as our natural pasture raised fryer chickens.
The Palm Bakery: We have a new Artisan bread this week: Cracked Wheat. We will also be bringing Peach Blueberry Crumb Bars, Apple Bread Pudding, and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread just to name a few.

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